Wheel Refurbishment

This is a very popular aftermarket service that we offer. This service is not to be confused with Wheel Refurb services that are mobile - this is a complete tyre off full refurb. We typically need 3-5 days to carry out this process and this can be timed in conjunction with other work if necessary. Alternatively we can provide a set of replacement wheels to keep you on the road (subject to availability). 

The process is as follows

  • Wheels are chemically stripped in an alkaline(not acid) bath.
  • If required, wheels are blasted to improve the surface and help paint adhere.
  • Wheels are pre-heated before having a powdercoat base applied and baked on.
  • In most cases the exact colour is wet sprayed to achieve the best finish and texture.
  • If your wheel, like a 997 Turbo, has a diamond polished face we then machine this following the exact same profile.
  • Finally a tough, durable, clear powdercoat lacquer is baked on.
  • Your wheels are matched as close as possible to the colour they left the factory.
  • We leave a glass like finish not just on the face but in all the hard to reach places such as the bolt holes. This means keeping wheel clean is much easier.

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