996 Turbo/X50/S/GT2 9E Intake / Y-Pipe

One of the biggest restrictions when aiming for more power is the standard intake system. How fast air gets into the turbos is an integral part of tuning. For our 9E 25 Packages we fit a completely different air intake system compared to the standard. Whilst this will have some benefit on lower power packages the main benefit is seen when running larger turbos.

We also strongly recommend fitting a larger plenum from our partners, IPD, in conjunction with a larger Throttle Body. This can be fitted to any of our lower power packages and creates a noticeable increase in mid range power. For more information click here


9E Y-Pipe/intake with custom MAF sensor
For those aiming 650+hp and up we recommend our custom made Y- pipe/intake system.  The system includes complete replacement of the stock y-pipe, air box and all related plumbing. In addition, due to the restriction of the stock MAF, we replace this with a FORD MAF for better control and programming. We also now on certain package run completely mafless.

The diverters valves are removed from their existing location and attached to our larger intercoolers as part of this system. Please see under our intercoolers section for more information. This system has been tried and tested on a 900hp Porsche.

Can be powder coated in any colour of your choice.