996/X50/S/GT2 Turbo Intercoolers

One of the most overlooked upgrades on any 996 Turbo model are the intercoolers. We often see competitors running higher ignition and boost without fitting better intercoolers. The primary goal of upgraded intercoolers is the lower the intake temperature (IATs), preventing detonation, and keep the car from pulling timing. Cooler intake temperatures equals greater power retained.

Taking a simple example of a standard car with standard intercoolers on a day when the ambient temperature is 20c - off boost the IATs will run around 25c, but if you run the car on full boost from 40mph to 130mph, the IATs will reach close to 50c. Now, why is that important? Well the 996 Turbo DME (the car's brain) has preset trigger points at which it will pull timing (lower power) until those IATs are back under control. The first trigger is just at 37c and then it acts more agressively as IATs rise beyond 40c, 50c, 60c etc.

Now, lets say you now run higher ignition and boost (remap) and run full boost from 40mph to 130mph. The outcome is that at 130mph the IATs will be well into the mid 50c, but importantly they will reach the trigger points quicker during the run. So fitting a better cooling intercooler to a car that runs more ignition and boost will offset the related increased IATs, therefore retaining the power that running more ignition and boost provided.

We quite commonly hear that people have had remaps from competitors without having any issues. The simple fact is that if you never take the car over certain speeds, the 996 Turbo DME keeps everything under control. The car will feel faster up to 120mph etc, but if you were to continue to higher speeds, or you are tracking the car where the engine does not get an opportunity to reduce the IATs, the car will feel like it is losing power, or as we say "Hitting a brick wall" - bascially the 996 Turbo DME is doing its job. Better intercoolers help to minimise this.

Intercoolers are not just about cooling. It is also important the amount of flow and pressure drop. Think of it this way, if the intercoolers cool amazingly then in general they achieve this by having more rows of cooling plates but that can also create flow restrictions. It is all about finding the right balance, the right intercooler for the package on your car.

As part out our R&D when creating all our 9E Packages, we tested many different aftermarket intercoolers. Some cooled better, but restricted flow, others cooled well, but then heatsoaked and took time to recover when off boost. In general based on our extensive experience in testing we find that the 997gt2rs intercoolers work well on power levels approaching 650hp. After this they become a bottleneck and restrict flow too much. We have now built larger intercoolers to address this that work better than the 997gt2rs intercoolers and use these on our high hp packages.

9E 5 x 14  Intercoolers

Our 5 x 14 inch intercoolers are the perfect intercooler for high hp (over 650hp) 996 Turbo cars. They are hand crafted and pressure tested to 35psi. We use only high quality Bell cores along with custom one piece end tanks that come with our CNC'd fittings for perfect seal with the stock intercooler hoses. Lower intake temperatures not only prevent detonation but also stop the car from pulling timing and eventually produce more horse power.