9E 996 Turbo/X50/S/GT2 Transmission Upgrades


High HP Uprated Clutch Kit (890nm)

This clutch kit is suitable for any of our packages up to and including the 9E 25 model. This comes from SACHS and includes Pressure plate, Centre plate, Release Bearing and replacement clutch bolts. 


9E High HP Clutch System (1250nm)
For packages over 800hp we fit our 9E High HP Clutch System. This solution contains a lightweight flywheel, dual pressure plate capable of holding over 1200nm. The best part is this solution is organic and therefore drives very similar to a conventional clutch.


Uprated Tiptronic Transmission

In conjunction with our partner MKB, we are pleased to offer an upgrade to the 996 Turbo Tiptronic transmission which increases the 700nm standard limit to 1300nm tq. This is suitable for all our 9E Packages.

Your existing transmission is used as the donor and then completely stripped, fitted with uprated clutch packs, new valve body and the Tiptronic Control Unit (TCU) is modified for shifting and RPM