9E 996 Turbo's

We used to run turbos like K24/18g and K24/20g to make big power,  but as part of extensive R&D we have created in conjunction with our turbo builder bespoke turbos for our packages. These turbos are bolt on, exclusive to 9E and only available as part of our packages. Many have asked us to supply our turbos separately but a turbo is only one part of the package - there are equally important components to achieve the results our packages do.

We do have one strong belief and that is that turbos should spool as quickly as possible. Many of our turbos are based on K16 Housings yet make in excess of 400hp each. We believe our hybrids are the faster spooling turbos on the market and we constantly developing new turbos.

Many people ask what is the right level of boost to run on their 996 Turbo models. The answer we give is that you run the correct level that the turbo was designed to run at. For our lower power 9E Packages which ultilise existing standard turbos we run approximately 1.1-1.2 bar. Some of our hybrid turbos run at 1.6 bar, but importantly they are designed to run at these levels of boost. 

We do offer a refurbishment service for existing turbos whether that be K16 or K24 Turbos. We can also supply original actuators at very competitive prices. Please call for details.