9E 997 Turbo/GT2/S Engine - rebuilds and upgrade engines

9E rebuilds/builds all its 997 Turbo model engines within its premises. We have a dedicated engine room specifically for this process. We have a proven track record in not only rebuilding to standard specifications, but also for higher hp applications. All our engine builds come with a warranty from us. For more information please contact us.


3.6 Turbo/GT2/S Standard Rebuild

If your engine requires a partial or full rebuild we are the specialists to carry out this for you. We know these engines inside out and can also suggest inexpensive improvements to your engine whilst it is being rebuilt. 

We offer an in house warranty on our engines.


9E 997 Turbo/GT2/S Uprated Engine build
For packages over 700hp we recommend that the standard turbo block be improved with uprated rods, studs, gaskets etc. This involves a full rebuild of your engine. We also have a number of options for increasing capacity at the same time to 3.8 and 4.0 litre.

Our uprated engines are proven and we have many customers with these in their cars. 


9E 997 Turbo/GT2/S Bespoke Engine build

Recently we just finished building for one of our customers a 996 Turbo Engine with GT3/RSR components, providing a fully uprated engine capable of reving to 8,800rpm. This same process can be applied directly to the 997 Turbo gen 1 engine. If you would like a bespoke engine, please contact us for more details.