997 Turbo/GT2/S Exhaust

Turbo backed system that has been developed for maximum power gains and sound flexibility. Using 100 Cell Sport Catalysers, this system comes with two actuators which operator flaps within the exhaust system by use of a key fob. When the flaps are closed, all exhaust gas is routed through the main silencer. When flaps are open 40% of the exhaust gas exits directly through the outer tailpipes to provide maximum performance and sound.  

When the flaps are closed, sounds levels are similar to the standard exhaust system allowing cars to meet strict UK track regulations. No resonance.  

The system allows control of the flaps in three ways: 

-          Flaps open

-          Flaps closed

-          Automated mode, where flaps remain closed until a preset RPM is reached.

Weight saving of 12kg over standard system

Power gain – minimum of 20ps/20nm – more in combination of other modifications

Click here for sound clips

Sound clip 1 on our test car with start up and mixed driving