997 Turbo Intake / Y-Pipe

One of the biggest restrictions when aiming for more power is the standard intake system. How fast air gets into the turbos is an integral part of tuning. On the 997 Turbo we replace the Y-pipe in the engine bay for one that has a larger CFM (126 more cfm compared to the factory y-pipe). These y-pipes are can ordered in any finish/colour. 

We also strongly recommend fitting a larger plenum from our partners, IPD, in conjunction with a larger Throttle Body. This can be fitted to any of our lower power packages and creates a noticeable increase in mid range power. For more information click here


9E 997 Y-Pipe

These Y-Pipes can be supplied in any finish/colour and increase the CFM by 126 when compared to the factory y-pipe.
9e intake