997 Turbo/S/GT2 Power Packages and Products

9E Packages
Our 9E power packages have been created not only through R&D, but through extensive testing. We believe that real world performance is what counts, not bhp figures. We measure 60-130mph times, and where appropriate 0-300kph (186mph). Our naming convention of 9E 20, 9E 25 etc represents the number of seconds the car will run consistently from 0-300kph (186mph). As we are constantly developing our packages, best to call or checkout our facebook page for latest news.

9E Exhausts
After large demand from customers we have our own exhaust manufacturer who produces our 9E Turbo exhausts

9E Intercoolers
For those cars running up to 650hp we recommend the fitment of Porsche GT2RS Intercoolers. Above this we have our own 9E 5x14 inch intercoolers that are perfect for both flow and cooling.

9E Intake / Y-pipe
We have our own y-pipe solution for improved airflow and in conjunction with IPD offer different size plenums

9E Fuel system
We offer various upgrades to existing fuel system right through to a system that will support over 1200hp

9E Transmissions
We offer upgrades for both manual and tiptronic cars to increase the strength of the clutch/clutch packs as part of our 9E Tuning packages. We have our own 9E organic clutch solution that will support 1200nm tq in a manual car.

9E Turbo's
We offer full facilities to restore your existing turbos back to optimal condition. For those looking for more power 9E has its own range of VTG hybrid turbos that are offered as part of our 9E Tuning packages

9E Performance Brake Packages
Through development of our 9E Tuning packages both for top speed and track usage, we have created our own brake upgrade solution for the 997 Turbo

9E Suspension Upgrade Packages
Through development of our 9E Tuning package and in conjunction with RSS and Bilstein we have created our own suspension upgrade solution for both fast road and track usage