993 Tuning Normal Aspirated

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Custom tuning

This custom tuning works on all 993 Normally Aspirated engines from 1994 to 1998 911. 

Final power increases depends on options fitted to the car such as free flowing exhaust, upgraded 100 cell cat etc. Call us to discuss. 

At 9e our tuning methodology is as follows

- Full inspection of the car

- The car should have received a recent major service (with plugs) before tuning - if not this can be done at 9e at additional cost.

- We produce a power output at the wheels prior to any tuning - this gives a base to be able to see improvements

- We run the car on the road on a base tune designed for the car and then we make adjustments - each car responds slightly differently with some being more knock sensitive to timing increases

- Once we are happy that the tuning is perfect, we run a final power output at the wheels on the road.


The progress can take a few days to complete as it is subject to good weather conditions. 

Power outputs can vary but typically on a 993 with good exhaust or cat upgrade we see approx 300ps - a pick up from stock of 272ps. The tune makes the car respond significantly better below 4000 rpm - there is a big increase in response and torque in the low to middle range. In addition if you car has been fitted with a Lightweight Flywheel we can help to avoid the associated stalling issues that originate from that. 

For more informaiton please call us.