Porsche brake upgrades are very popular with customers who want to have a better braking set up compared to original Porsche Brakes.

Here at 9e we offer many Porsche brake upgrades and we partner with selected suppliers to supply these Porsche Brake upgrades for both Discs and Pads.

We only supply what we have tried and tested so we have real world experience of these products. We would recommend calling us for a chat to discuss your exact requirements as selection is very much dependent on this.

Surface Tranforms produce Carbon Ceramics Discs for many Porsche Models. These discs can be used to replace original PCCBs or to upgrade Steels to Ceramics. 

Girodisc produce Steels for better breaking and longevity and are great for Road and Track when compared to original Porsche discs. 

Pagid produce different compounds of pads. 

Raybestos produce difference compounds of pads. 

  • Girodiscs

  • Surface Transforms

    Surface Transforms
  • Pagid Pads

    Pagid Pads
  • Raybestos Pads

    Raybestos Pads
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