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Michael - 5 stars

20 December 2017

Went to a recent open day, out of curiosity really as they are local to me. Regrettably I no longer own a Porsche but have a lot of experience driving them.Workshop is well equipped, staff knowledgeable and helpful and looked like they did very good work.Although no longer an owner as I said, the owner Ken was courteous enough to spend some time chatting. if I had a Porsche don't think I'd hesitate in frequenting their garage.
Dave – 5 stars

2 September 2017

First service since buying my 996. Shown around the workshops, introduced to the team and made to feel very welcome. The guys understood what I was looking for and exceeded my expectations. I was given explanations and shown why extra work was needed without being pressured into having it done, the result was a 996 C4 that runs and drives beautifully. I will certainly be rebooking when my next service is due. Great team with fantastic facilities. Thank you.
Faried – 5 stars

26 November 2016

Went to see Ken, Adam and Alex for a quick update on the car...WOW what progress. Ken and his team are always happy to discuss my crazy ideas and reign me in if needed. they are happy to take the time out to chat and the service is superb.
Ekaterina – 5 stars

21 February 2015

Thank you, Adam and team, Excellent and fast service. Attentive and knowledgeable staff. Thorough car wash included (sorry who had to clean my boot! My husky rides there). Very reasonable prices. Courtesy car. Few complimentary jobs done along the way. Would highly recommend!
Dino – 5 stars

7 May 2016

Just collected my baby from the nursery. She came home with lots of new bits which made her very happy, new front top suspension mounts, new front lower wishbones, new front suspension bump stops, new rear track rods, new front tyres, full geometry set up. She drives so well now it's untrue! I cannot tell you how much the ride is improved.Smoother, quieter, more precise, more controlled, suppler. This is how she came from the factory all those years ago. I'm off for another drive now, it would be rude not to! Thank you, guys. Excellent as ever.
Clarence,– 5 stars

23 June 2016

Had A 9E 38 done on the car, I've had the car a week now and it's rained every day.
Picked her up during rush hour so only had 1 real chance to give her a squirt. 1st impression, the car feels like it was being strangled before and now, it doesn't. 2nd Impression after a quick blast it feels like 2 Rottweilers pulling on a leash. 3rd impression over the weekend with some lower gear / speed pulls, She’s fast. 4th impression, there have been a couple of times when I've actually thought this is 'too' quick. I’ll get over that tho.5th impression, before having this done I read everywhere on forums that once mapped in pulls harder, everywhere this statement is true. It pulls so hard.
I can't wait for some drier weather and when the 'summer' finally arrives, think I'll be 'Supercar' baiting. Oh also as an added bonus, my driving style hasn't changed this week, if anything I've driven a tad harder than usual, and yet I'm getting an EXTRA 30 MILES PER TANK at least. So far, it's a big thumbs up from me to Ken and his team. Always takes time on the phone to answer any queries I have. Very polite courteous and professional. So I am 1 Happy customer.
Lee – 5 stars

23 May 2017,

Fantastic, friendly and professional service,provided by Ken & co. Used these guys for my 996 4S over the last year,,now my Cayenne Turbo yesterday. Special thanks to Adam for being ever so,helpful as always and for his expert advice! Highly recommended.
Ian – 5 stars

11 August 2014

It's great to find an outfit who are not only good at their job, but care about customer service and above all else are enthusiasts themselves. The fact that they were able to dig me out of a hole at zero notice today was just icing on the cake! Thanks guys.

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