Whilst your Porsche comes from the factory with proven performance including power and handling, it might be time for you to upgrade some of those Porsche components.

Sometimes it makes financial sense to use better quality components from leading manufacturers than replacing with original Porsche items. For example Bilstein make the suspension components for Porsche on a budget, but Bilstein offer improved suspension components for your Porsche at offen a cheaper price. 

On the tuning front, we have proven ourselves time and time again to produce fast and reliable tuning packages for all range of Porsche models. We were the first in the UK to adopt the concept of using actual performance figures to measure gains instead of dyno readings before and after. We still do use dyno measures on occasions to show the difference, but we prefer to show real gains on the road. 

We fabricate internally many of our performance parts in our tuning packages and we also partner with the leading manufacturers of performance parts. Our packages were developed after years of constant R&D to improve performance. We have held many performance records including top speed events. 

Our methodology is different to some - we don't believe in running your Porsche at 100% power of what it is capable. We believe it is better to run at around 80% to provide realiability and longevity of your Porsche. 

We only partner with the best, and don't recommend products that we have not tested ourselves. 

Please call with your specific requirements, and we can talk you through your options.

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