Our Warranty

When you buy a car from us it will have one of two warranties. If the car still has the balance of the manufacturer's warranty or extended warranty then provided that is for at least 12 months, the warranty will be transferred to you.

In the event that there is no Porsche warranty we have our own in house warranty. We do this because of several reasons. Firstly, the cars we put into the showroom are inspected by us in our workshop and any work that requires rectification is done. This means we know that the car should give you trouble free motoring. Secondly, we believe that in the unlikely event of something failing on your car, that we should fix it in house. Finally, we know from experience that so called aftermarket warranties on the market, including many offered by other car dealers just don't offer the level of protection when something goes wrong.

We do not cover everything but all the main components and with the checks and rectification work done prior to the car going into the showroom and our warranty coverage then you can have peace of mind that buying from us is a good choice. 

In the event that you are not close to us, we have arrangements in place to organise local repairs. 

For full details of our warranty please contact us for details. 



We also offer to extend the warranty at a cost in subsequent years of ownership. Contact us for details.