996 Turbo - 9e38

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Product Information
SKU: 996T9e38
Additional Information
Stage 2 Tuning package
This package incorporates but not limited to

- full inspection of the car
- boost leak check
- Supply and fitment of upgraded Diverter Valves and f-pipe
- Supply and fitment of free flowing panel filter
- upgraded plugs
- Supply and fitment of Kline 100 cell Stainless Steel Exhaust system
- tuning
- testing (using performance box) to confirm that the car is performing within parameters.

Performance depends on options but you can expect
- 60-130mph - 3.5 seconds quicker compared to standard time of 11.9 seconds
- 0-186mph - 7 seconds quicker compared to standard time of 45 seconds.

Importantly our maps are programmed in line with Porsche standards. Porsche target 11.76 Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) when on full boost

We highly recommend fitting some of the options that are available. Please call us for more information on those.


For those cars fitted with manual transmission, it is highly likely that you may need an upgraded clutch after having this package installed. Since we cannot accurately tell the current state of the clutch (unless it is clearly already requiring replacement) the increase in performance may immediately, or soon there afterwards, require attention. We recommend a SACH890NM clutch always to be fitted. For those cars with tiptronic transmission, the package is suitable without any changes, provided that the transmission is in good condition which we check prior to fitting the package.

For more information please contact us.