997.1 Turbo Engine Rebuild Stock

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997.1 Turbo Engine Rebuild Stock

We rebuild these engines in house using our extensive experience and a warranty is included as specified below

Full rebuild with existing, rods, studs, oil pump, gaskets, new chains, piston rings, etc We weld all the coolant pipes during the rebuild process as well

Extras that might be needed above

- Exhaust tappets - (unlikely) £58.00+VAT each

- Inlet tappets - (possible a few) £118.00+VAT each

- bent valves either exhaust or inlet side - £100.00+VAT each

- The heads are sent away for pressure testing and skimming - they are flow tested and each valve is checked.

- Any major component such as the water jacket, heads, crankcase etc that has received damaged - again, very unlikely

- Pistons and liners - again unlikely but options exist including increased CC.


- We run the car in ourselves for a period close to 500 miles. This is included in the above price and as you can imagine is quite time consuming.

- You will then be able to take the car and run on wastegate boost for the next 1000 miles. At this point the car comes back to us for a further oil change and we will turn the boost up to the maximum permitted.

- Then you are free to drive the car as you desire.

- We warrant the engine for a period of 24 months/12000 miles whichever is the sooner. In reality if something did happen even afterwards we would always be accommodating. It is not in our interests for a customer to be unhappy.

- The warranty is non-transferable and is with you, not the car e.g. if you sell the car, the warranty is gone and doesn't pass to the new customer - it is a personal warranty between 9e and you.

- Car must always be serviced by us during the warranty period.

- if during the warranty period 9e make further performance modifications the engine will still be covered. Any modifications outside of 9e will void the warranty immediately. We take a full copy of the DME prior to you receiving the car back.

- The warranty is in house and cannot be done or undertaken by any other garage. Please note that prices are correct at the time of the agreement. Porsche part prices are subject to change on a periodic basis. Please check with us at the time of agreement to undertake the work.