997.1 Turbo - 9e28 (Tiptronic only)

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SKU: 997g1-turbo-stage-3-9e28tip
Additional Information
Stage 3 Tuning package

This package incorporates but not limited to -

full inspection of the car
- boost leak check
- Supply and fitment of free flowing panel filter
- upgraded plugs
- supply and fitment of Kline 100 cell Stainless Steel Exhaust system
- supply and fitment of larger throttle body and intake
- supply and fitment of larger intake pipes to the turbos
- supply and fitment of GT2RS hybrid VTGs with all new oil and vent lines
- supply and fitment of Do88 Large Intercooler system with carbon ducting and all hoses
- supply and fitment of larger y-pipe
- tuning - testing (using performance box) to confirm that the car is performing within parameters.

Performance depends on options but you can expect - 60-130mph - 3.5 seconds quicker compared to standard time of 10.5 seconds - 0-186mph - 17 seconds quicker compared to standard time of 45 seconds.

Importantly our maps are programmed in line with Porsche standards. Porsche target 11.76 Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) when on full boost.

Notes: With tiptronic transmission, the package is suitable without any changes, provided that the transmission is in good condition which we check prior to fitting the package. For more information please contact us.

Your existing VTGs are taken in exchange for the new GT2RS vtgs

To show you the power difference in one of these cars, please click on the video below. In that video against a tuned (not us) 991 Turbo S we deliberately held back to show the difference in power on the main straight.