997.2 Turbo and Turbo S - (PDK Only)

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SKU: 997g2-turbo-stage-3-9e22pdk
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Stage 3 Package

This package incorporates but not limited to

- full inspection of the car
- boost leak check
- upgraded plugs
- supply and fitment of Kline 100 cell Stainless Steel exhaust
- Full Do88 Big pack including Intercoolers, ypipe, intake to turbos, larger plenum etc
- 9e Hybrid VTGs
- tuning - testing (using performance box) to confirm that the car is performing within parameters.

This package produces at its peak 635whp (680ps) and has two different maps available depending on your mood of how much power you want. Car drives completely like stock production car with no difference to low speed driving except that it has over 150ps more than stock. This package was designed for boost response to be retained whilst offering significant increase in power. 

This package is available for both the turbo and turbo s variants.

This package runs only on stock pump fuel - no additives or meth required. Just fill up with super unleaded and enjoy.

Performance as you would expect with additional 150ps is significantly improved over stock. Stock 60-130 is 8.6 seconds and this package tested with 190kg of driver & passenger and a full tank runs 6.9 seconds from 60-130mph. You can expect this to run in 6.5 seconds with just yourself in the car and if you chose decat option for the exhaust more time will come off that.

0-300kph - estimated at 22 seconds.

Importantly our maps are programmed in line with Porsche standards. Porsche target 11.76 Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) when on full boost.

Notes: PDK is fine to hold this additional power. We do check the PDK operation first to make sure there is no known issues. For more information please contact us.