48K Service (Automatic Only)

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Required maintenance and lubrication service

Diagnosis system: read out fault memory and make repairs as necessary (MY 1989-on)
Change engine oil and oil filter
Replace spark plugs (at least every two years)
Replace air filter element
V-Belt and Polyrib belt: check condition and tension, correct if necessary
Change automatic transmission ATF fluid, clean ATF strainer, check oil level in final drive
Replace fuel filter
Replace oxygen sensor
Change oil in final drive on automatic transmission
Check and adjust tension of camshaft and balance shaft drive belts
Fuel system: Visual inspection for damages, clearance and tightness of line connections
Check tightness of hose connections on the crankcase ventilation
Intake air: Check hoses, lines, and connections for tightness
Throttle linkage: Lubricate linkage on throtte housing then check for smooth movement and full throttle opening
Cooling and heating system: check coolant level, outside of radiator for debris and hoses for tightness
Parking brake: Check free travel of parking-brake lever
Brake fluid: Check level
Brake system: Visual inspection of brake pads and brake discs to check for wear
Check brake system, all lines and hoses (include wear and leaks)
Tires and spare wheel: Check condition and correct tire pressure
Check and adjust front wheel bearing play
Steering gear: Visual inspection of the bellows for damage and bolt connections for tightness
Power steering: visual inspection for leaks, check fluid level and correct if necessary
Tie rods: Check play and dust boots
Ball joints: Visual inspection of dust boots for damage, check tightness of wheel alignment adjustment/mounting bolts
Drive shafts: Visual inspection of boots for leaks and damage
Exhaust system: Visual inspection for leaks and damage; check tightness
Seals for doors, hood, rear hatch and roof: Remove rubber residue from body seal contact areas, apply suitable
Check and lubricate door hinges and door check rods
Door locks, rear hatch locks, hood lock and safety hook on front hood: Check that they are adjusted and function
Check operation of convertible top (944 S2 Cabrio models)
Seat belt: Check operation and condition
Lubricate retractable headlight adjustments
Vehicle lights: Check operation and headlight alignment
Horn: Check operation
Windshield washer, headlight washer: Check fluid level, nozzle aim and washer fluid anti-freeze protection level for the
winter season and check wiper system operation
Battery: Check electrolyte level and hydrometer test
All other electrical equipment as well as indicator and warning lights check operation
Brake pedal, parking brake, clutch, cruise control, steering, heating, air conditioning and instruments: Operations
Check kick-down operation
Oils and fluids: Visual inspection for leaks