981S/GT4 LWFW & Upgraded Clutch

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Lightweight Flywheel and Upgraded Clutch

This kit contains a single mass flywheel kit (LWFW) and an upgraded Clutch.


This replaces the standard dual-mass flywheel that is fitted on both 981s and GT4.You get considerably better acceleration resulting from less rotational mass (especially in lower gears). Porsche does the very same thing with the manual GT3RS (2007-2012) to give it an edge over the standard GT3 models. Upgrading to a lightweight flywheel from dual-mass helps overcome the engine's feeling lethargic or lazy, and this upgrade greatly improves the overall response of the engine to throttle input.

A single-mass flywheel is a one-piece, rigid disk of metal, either aluminum or steel. Our flywheel also comes with new flywheel bolts for installation. The weight difference is significant with the stock dual-mass weighing in at 12.9 kgs vs. our single -mass piece at 6.5 kgs.

Upgraded Clutch

This kit provides an upgraded sport clutch disk, sport pressure plate, and release bearing assembly to handle more power and torque than the original unit. As an added bonus the clutch pedal feel is actually slightly "lighter" than factory.

After the car warms up and at idle there is some additional rattle/noise from the transmission. This is not very noticeable like on other cars, but it is normal and similar in principle to that found on the 997 GT3RS.