Kline Porsche 718 S/T/GTS Valvetronic rear system Stainless Steel

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Made to order approximately 30-60 days leadtime

The new 718 Cayman/Boxster S/(GTS), with a flat 4 turbocharged engine, producing an impressive 350 (365)hp, and 0-60 time of 4.6 (4.3) seconds. The Porsche 718 has been criticised for lacking exhaust noise, however, here at Kline, we are experts at turning lackluster turbo sounds, into a head-turning supercar wail.

Building on our highly revered Porsche range, we have incorporated many of the same design features into our Cayman/Boxster, range. 1D CLR X pipe for that incendiary howl at higher rpm, harmonically tuned silencers, and ultra-thin Inconel 625 for that “Unique to Kline” sound.

The Kline 718S/GTS Cayman/Boxster Turbo system also incorporates a valvetronic design, allowing the car to be run stealthily on valve closed, while attaining an unhindered raw baritone wail, and optimum performance when the valves are opened.