Kline Porsche 991GT2RS Valvetronic 3" RACE Version Stainless Steel

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The much anticipated 991 GT2RS, at 690hp, 750nm of torque, and a 0-60mph time of 2.7 seconds, makes this incarnation of the revered GT2, the most powerful 911 ever built. The factory supplied titanium exhaust, despite sounding better than the previous 997 generation, still does not reflect the raw nature of this supercar, however, here at Kline, we are experts in turning lacklustre turbo sounds, into exotic supercar howl!

The Sound

Capitalising on the design innovations and success of our 996 and 997 range, the starting point for designing the 991 GT2RS exhaust had been set high. Our trademark perfect x pipe geometry, harmonically tuned silencers, Inconel 625, and our propriety acoustic silencer packing materials result in a system that has become famous for that perfect sound. Zero drone, and a raised pitch raucious incendiary howl in higher rpms and hard throttle. Utilising the stock valvetronic vacuum system, we were able to incorporate our propriety valvetronic silencers, allowing an even stealthier ride on valve closed, and a more aggressive sound on valve open.


Available with decat pipes for optimum performance and sound, or with 100 or 200 cell HJS HDPE catalysts. The largest gain with decats is 42hp and 59nm. 100 cell and 200 cell catalysts produce 22hp, and 18hp respectively.


Note: Manifolds are separate product and not included in the price