Kline Porsche 997 Turbo Silencer section Stainless Steel

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The 997 turbo was our primary marque. After reviewing the factory exhaust, major flaws were pinpointed in all areas of the design, the sound being the most striking flaw. But also torque curves, peak power, and turbo lag were other areas that could be significantly improved, as well as a 65 percent reduction in weight.



The Factory setup produces the most lackluster sound, mainly due to a series of chambers, 600 cell catalysts, and the most prominent flaw being the lack of balance between opposing banks. Seriously, i would recommend when considering any aftermarket exhaust for a Porsche turbo, never buy an exhaust without some kind of gas balance between left and right banks. replacing the stock cats for a choice of 200cpsi, 100cpsi, or de-cat increases the sound respectively. Replacing the chambered transverse rear silencer with freeflow harmonically tuned silencers enriches the sound, and the addition of our trademark 1D CLR laminar flow X pipe raises the exhaust pitch beyond the region in which bass noise is able to penetrate the cabin, while under hard throttle and high revs, a rich and raucious vocal ensues. This design was pioneered and innovated by Kline.


As a turbo forced induction flat 6, the potential for increasing performance via exhaust and software is huge. The largest gains with our De-cat system are 42hp and 65nm. In conjunction with software we achieve 75hp and 102nm 

100cpsi and 200cpsi produce gains of 16hp and 21hp respectively.


Cross Section

De-cat cross section 70mm OD specifically chosen for a balance of peak torque and power. 

Silencer section, cross section 63mm OD 

Catalysts come in a variety, from 108mm OD to 127mm OD 

manifold primaries, 41mm OD, chosen specifically for faster turbo spool


Turbo back system 
Available in standard 304 grade stainless steel, weight 14.5 kg 200cell cats, 12.5 with de-cat 
Inconel 625 formula one grade material, weight 7.2kg (decat variant) 10.2 kg 100 cell cats 
Titanium G2 silencer section is also available, weight 11.5 kg 

Standard 304 grade stainless, weight 6kg total 
Inconel 625, weight, 2.9kg total 
Titanium unable to endure extreme heat