Porsche 997.1 Turbo Major Service

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Every 40000 miles or Year 4, 8, 12.....

• Fault code analysis

• Replacement of pollen filter

• Replacement of oil filter and engine oil

• Inspection of: vehicle underside and engine compartment, coolant hoses, coolant (level and antifreeze check), radiator, air intake, brake system, brake hoses and lines, drive shafts, tyres, locks and latches, electrical equipment, horn, windscreen wiper washing system, power steering and fluid level check and lighting system (including headlights and indicators)

• Replacement of air cleaner element

• Check condition, and adjust if required: fuel system, parking brake, clutch, steering gear, tie rod ends, axle joints, running gear, exhaust system, suspension, seat belts, throttle actuation and Polyrib belt

• Final test drive to check all major safety, comfort and mechanical systems for effective operation followed by final post-drive fluid level check