Porsche 997.2 GT3/RS Minor Service

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Every 12000 miles or Year 2, 6.....

Porsche 997.2 GT3 (RS) Minor Service


Windscreen wiper/washer system, headlight cleaning system: check function

Horn: check function

Tyres: check tyre pressure (TPM)

Diagnostic system: read out fault memory; reset maintenance interval

Check actuator travel of parking brake shoes

Inside the vehicle

Particle filter: replace filter element

Luggage compartment

Check front lid lock and safety hook of the front lid to ensure that they are secure and function properly

Replace air intake pre-filter

Windscreen wiper/washer system: check fluid level; check window cleaner and antifreeze, depending on time of


Outside the vehicle

Check wiper blades

All headlights: check adjustment

Radiators and air intakes: visual inspection for external contamination and blockage

Check central lock on wheels

Under the vehicle

Drain engine oil

Change oil filter

Tyres: check condition

Brake lines: visual inspection for damage, routing and corrosion

Brake hoses: visual inspection for damage

Brake system: check brake pads and brake discs for wear

Drive shafts: visual inspection of the boots for leaks and damage

Rear-axle steering: check bellows, dust boots and play on joints

Check that threaded connections for chassis adjustment at front and rear are secure

Check vehicle height

Control boxes for exhaust flaps: check function

Engine compartment

Fill in engine oil

Coolant: check level and antifreeze

Test drive:

Check function of Remote control, seats, foot and parking brake (als- actuation travel), engine, clutch, steering, transmission, cruise control, TC switch, PASM switch, SPORT switch, heating, air conditioning system and instruments.
– After road test visual inspection for leaks of oils or other fluids.