Porsche DO88 911 Turbo/Carrera (992) Performance Plenum

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To Fit:

  • Porsche 911 (992): 2019 onwards
    Model: Turbo / Carrera / Carrera 4 / Carrera S / Carrera 4S / Carrera GTS / Carrera 4 GTS

DO88 Performance - Plenum for Porsche 992 Carrera, -S, -GTS - More response over the entire powerband!

To Fit:

  • Porsche 911 (992): 2019 onwards
    Model: Turbo / Carrera / Carrera 4 / Carrera S / Carrera 4S / Carrera GTS / Carrera 4 GTS


Upon launching the 992 generation, Porsche had abandoned the naturally aspirated engine for the Carrera models. From now on, all 911´s are turbocharged! There are a few differences in between the Carrera and the Turbo models, the displacement being the most obvious, but they also share a lot of components – the plenum is one of these! Throughout the entire development of the 992 products, we had unlimited in-house access to a 992. This way of procedure is how we always do it. It allows us to test our theories, prototypes and 3D-prints without hurdles or delays. We´d like to think that this shows on the finished product – ultimately refined without compromise. We are confident with what we have to offer the market!


With the starting point in a comprehensive 3D-scan of the engine bay to get the structural limitations, we set to work. With the experience we had from previous Porsche plenums, we soon realised the need for a y-joint rather than the t-shaped OE plenum. From an airflow perspective the y-shape is more efficient as it distributes the air more evenly and with less pressure drop. We chose, as usual, to manufacture the plenum from cast aluminium as it allows for shapes that CNC-machining cannot replicate, and to us function always conquers form. Maximum airflow supersedes the bling factor!  

The do88 plenum

The plenum is designed with soft, sweeping lines. Radiuses and angles have been revised and reworked many times over. The connections are CNC-machined and the plenum comes with suiting silicone hoses for optimum fitment and durability. The improvement in airflow is verified using CFD (Computer Flow Dynamics) as well as in our Superflow SF1020 flow bench.

Taking away restrictions for the turbocharged air that reaches the inlet will provide better throttle response and performance gains all over the power band!

Key figures

  • More air to your engine, less back pressure and better airflow! Airflow at 0,1 bar / 1,45 psi pressure drop: 846 CFM (808 CFM), 5% higher! See diagram!.
  • Freeform designed, aluminium casting with CNC-machined connections.
  • Y-design for optimum air distribution.
  • Comes with all accessories needed for installation.


Equivalent OEM part numbers 0PB128335C, 0PB128335A, 0PB128333E (for cross reference only)

DO88 Ref: TR-300-992, TR300, DO88TR-300-992