Porsche DO88 991 2013 onwards Turbo/Turbo S do88 Performance Intercoolers

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To fit: 991 Turbo and Turbo S 2013 onwards

Do88 991 Performance Intercoolers

To fit:

  • 991 Turbo and Turbo S 2013 onwards

A true performance upgrade intercooler for the 991 Turbo / Turbo S

This is the most refined of all products we carry today! -

  • Significantly improved Air flow! (see graph images).
  • Cooler air to your engine!
  • High quality high density UK made motorsport cores.
  • 3D freeform designed cast end tanks
  • Custom designed carbon fiber ambient air guides.
  • Comes with high quality silicone hoses and accessories for installation.

From do88: Right from the beginning we realised that we could not sacrifice anything to keep the cost down we just had to do the best possible in the space available in the car!

First of all we made a lot of investigation and comparisons between different core types and at last really fell for a high density motorsport core which have great cooling efficiency along with a low weight.

With a great core in place we started to refine the end tank design which brought us to a decision to make cast end tanks as we could then control the air flow distribution over the core in a very precise way. This is very important as a good tank design will be beneficial for both pressure drop and cooling efficiency.

To be able to fit an intercooler with appropriate thickness for the job it was also necessary to design a new upper ambient air guide. This was designed in our 3D scanned environment to ensure perfect fit to the vehicle integrated air guides and our intercooler.

To achieve the best air flow distribution over the core we made intercooler end tanks with 70 mm (2 3/4 inch) connections which then made it necessary to design custom silicone hoses for all positions. The hoses are 3D designed with airflow in mind where we CFD tested each hose during development to ensure best possible flow rate of all parts! The hoses between turbocharger and intercooler are special silicone hoses that can withstand up to 240°C (464°F) continuous temperature!

Another important aspect for cooling performance are to use all ambient cooling air available, to optimize this part we include air block rubber seals for all surfaces where the ambient air guides must seal properly.

Using this design in building our intercoolers the weight increase compared to the OEM ones is relatively small considering the size of our intercooler and that its all made of aluminium. Our intercooler weight is 5,4 kg (11,9 lb) per piece and the 991 OEM intercooler weights 3,1 kg (6,8 lb) per piece. It might sound like a big weight increase but compared to other actors on the market with intercoolers in this size it's a low weight! 

At the same time as our intercoolers lower the intake temperature, they also flow better than the 991 original intercoolers! Please have a look at the air flow rates at different pressure drops in the graph below where we compared our intercooler with hoses to the original intercooler with hoses in our own Superflow SF-1020 Probench to verify the final result!

Keep in mind that the OEM intercoolers was designed for only the power level the car was built for originally. A power increase may cause your stock intercoolers to not be efficient enough. So even on an engine with a software tune only or using your car in hot climate the do88 performance intercooler kit will give a performance increase over the OEM intercoolers!

This do88 performance intercooler kit comes as a complete package with all parts necessary for installation.

Please Note! Some modifications need to be done when installing this intercooler kit, please read step 29,31 & 35 in the installation guide before placing order (opens on do88.se, right click on link , select 'open in new tab')

Product Update 01/2022

An opportunity emerged and after thorough testing, we have chosen to change our 991 intercooler core specification. The cores we will use from now on are manufactured by Garrett, and will be of the Bar&Plate type, as opposed to the Tube&Fin we have used this far. Raw data means even better heat transfer properties, paired with even better airflow. This means power. The only downside is a little increase in weight as the Bar&Plate is a more dense construction. However, the significant overall performance gain will justify the weight increase. All other parts such as end tanks, hoses etc. are the same as before.

Key figures with the new MERA version:
•    17°C lower IAT compared to OE intercoolers (40 °C vs 57 °C at 20 °C ambient).
•    37% higher airflow compared to the OE intercooler (with hoses and y-pipe).
•    New, lighter airduct made from real prepreg carbon.
•    3 kg weight increase per intercooler compared to previous do88 intercoolers.

For maximum performance, and easier installation, this kit can be combined with our do88 inlet hoses!

Included parts in this kit:

  1. Performance intercoolers
  2. Carbon fiber air guides
  3. Silicone hoses Hose clamps
  4. Rubber seals
  5. Installation hardware

When you order this kit, there is one choice that has to be made: Y-Pipe: Please Select which Y-Pipe you have on your car. OEM or do88 Performance.

Equivalent Porsche OEM part numbers 99111063972, 99111063973, 99111064072, 99111064073 (for cross reference only)

Do88 part number ICM-270-OEM, ICM-270-DO88