Porsche 964 48K Service (Tiptronic Only)

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Required maintenance and lubrication service

Diagnosis system: Read out fault memory
Change engine oil
Replace oil filter
Check valve clearances
Change Spark plugs
Automatic transmission: Change fluid and ATF filter
Replace fuel filter
Automatic transmission: Change oil in axle drive
V-belt or Polyrib belt: Check condition and tension
Toothed belt for power steering: Check condition
Visual inspection for leaks: Oils and fluids
Air filter: Replace filter element
Crankcase ventilation: Check tightness of hose connections
Fuel system: Visual inspection for damage, correct position and tightness of connections
Intake air system: Check hoses, lines and connections for tightness
Handbrake: Check free travel of handbrake lever
Brake system: Visual inspection of brake pads and disks for wear
Brake hoses and lines: Visual inspection for damage, correct position and corrosion,
check brake fluid level.
Throttle valve actuation: Check for ease of movement and full throttle position
Resonance flap and varioram: Check operation
Steering gear: Visual check of bellows for damage
Track rod links: Check play and dust caps
Power steering / clutch: Check fluid levels
Axle joints: Visual inspection of dust caps for damage
Screw connections of suspension adjustment system: Check for tightness front and rear
Front wheel bearings: Check play
Drive shafts: Visual inspection of sleeves for leaks and damage
Exhaust system: Visual inspection for leaks and damage, check attachment
Tires: Check condition and pressure
Door hinges: Lubricate
Check door, lid locks and safety hooks on front lid for tightness and operation
Hinges for rear lid: Lubricate
Safety belts: Check operation and condition
Seals for doors, compartment lids and roof: remove abraded rubber, Apply suitable lubricant
Check operation of vehicle lighting; All headlights: Check setting
Horn: Check operation
Windshield washer, headlight washer: Check fluid levels and nozzle settings; in the winter
months top up with anti-freeze as necessary.
All other electrical equipment as well as indicator and warning lights: Check operation
Ignition circuit 1 and 2: Check operation