997.1 Turbo - 9e35 (Tiptronic Only)

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Stage 2 Tuning package

This package incorporates but not limited to

- full inspection of the car
- boost leak check
- upgraded plugs
- supply and fitment of Kline 100 cell Stainless Steel exhaust
- tuning
- testing (using performance box) to confirm that the car is performing within parameters.

Performance depends on options but you can expect
- 60-130mph - 2.75 seconds quicker compared to standard time of 10.5 seconds
- 0-186mph - 10 seconds quicker compared to standard time of 45 seconds.

Importantly our maps are programmed in line with Porsche standards. Porsche target 11.76 Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) when on full boost

We highly recommend fitting some of the options that are available. Please call us for more information on those.


With tiptronic transmission, the package is suitable without any changes, provided that the transmission is in good condition which we check prior to fitting the package.

For more information please contact us.


1. DO88 Intake pipes - these replace the stock intake pipes from the air box to the turbos. Greater flow.
2. DO88 Intercoolers Stock - these are better than the normal upgrade of GT2RS Intercoolers from Porsche. The end tanks are solid and do not crack like the Porsche ones. These intercoolers are a great upgrade over the stock Porsche intercoolers.
3. DO88 Intercoolers Large - these substantially outperform the stock DO88 Intercoolers and are designed for those looking for maximum performance, especially for track and high speed work. These come with carbon fibre air ducting and associated hoses.
4. DO88 Full Kit - this is the ultimate kit that contains not only 1 and 3 above, but also comes with larger y-pipe as well.
5. Larger Intake/TB - by increasing the size of the throttle body and intake plenum from 74mm to 83mm you allow more airflow and make gains in the middle to upper rev range.
6. Kline SS Headers - these replace the stock manifolds and have better flow and provide increase in noise and performance.

For more information please contact us.