Surface Transforms

Surface Transforms

Surface Transforms are ideal for those looking for better performance from Porsche models that come with Porsche Ceramics (PCCB) - they are a direct replacement and more cost effective, especially if you are going to be doing a lot of track days and fast road driving. 

Surface Transforms can also be fitted to Porsche models that originally came with Steels - please note that in some cases when converting from steels to Surface transforms you may need additional hardware. 


Surface Transforms performance brake packages for the Porsche 991, 997 and 981 Cayman GT4 only are designed to provide superior brake performance and durability for both road and track use. The kits are designed for easy replacement of OEM PCCB or steel brakes. Please note: all prices exclude shipping and exclude VAT/sales tax. Our material is a next-generation Carbon Fibre Reinforced Ceramic (CFRC) which is produced by Surface Transforms' proprietary processes, transforming Carbon-Carbon into our Carbon-Silicon Carbide (CSiC) ceramic. Whilst the carbon-ceramic discs you find on production road cars conventionally use discontinuous (chopped) carbon fibre, ST interweaves continuous carbon fibre to form a 3D multi-directional matrix, producing a stronger and more durable product with 3x the heat conductivity of standard production components, this keeps the brake system temperature down and the brake performance consistent. Surface Transforms has developed unique patented next-generation Carbon-Ceramic Technology that provides the ultimate braking performance for road and track. Here’s seven reasons why you need this technology on your vehicle: Weight savings of up to 70% compared to steel brakes (typically 20kg of unsprung weight) Improved handling and driveability Improved NVH (less noise, vibration and harshness) Improved performance (in both wet and dry conditions) Reduced brake wear – giving increased life Corrosion Free Outstanding performance, even from cold. Pads are optional, see: Custom Options.

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