Turbo Oil Hoses Kit

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Turbo Oil Hoses Kit

Porsche 964 Turbo Oil Breather and Separator hoses

To Fit: Porsche 911 (964 Turbo) 1990-1994 3.3 turbo Engines

DO88 hoses are entirely manufactured in high quality silicone for best finish and durability. With three to five layers of reinforcement depending of the inner diameter, the hoses withstand high pressure rates and high temperatures for a long time. The original hoses are manufactured in rubber that often cracks from age. This is a durable solution that in addition improves the looks!

These hoses feature an extra flourosilicone layer to make them more oil resistant than normal hoses for better performance! 

Hoses included:

Oil thermostat hose 96420724101, 96420724104, 96420724106

Oil thermostat hose 96420725102, 96420725103

Oil tank hose Reference: 96420721700

Oil tank hose 96420713002, 96420713004

Oil tank hose 96420724702

Oil tank hose 96420717700

Breather hose 93020704301

Breather hose 93020731400

Breather hose 93020731600

Breather hose 93020714503

Oil tank hose 93010739402, 99923600750, 00004320495

Breather hose * 93010739703

Breather hose * 93010739703

Breather hose * 93020714502

Important information!:* The pressed hose clamps needs to be cut on the two original hoses and then the hose connection and the steel pipe must be reused. They are installed on the new silicone hoses with regular hose clamps.

All part numbers from the vehicle manufacturer are only stated as reference.