981S/GT4 Pro Differential

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Pro Differential

Guard Transmission LSDs are the industry standard in high performance Porsche differentials. We have exclusively used GT Gears for all of our LSD & gearing needs for the last 7 years.

What are the benefits of fitting this differential?

- The factory unit is weak and known to wear out.
- Enables better control of the chassis under braking and acceleration
- Able to handle larger power than stock.

50/50 locking factor. 4 plates per side for a total of 8 plates. Moderate pre-load to make it manageable on the street and have good lifespan of internals, but still gives really good bite when driven hard on the track or backroads.

Pro – High Strength, hardened 4340 Chromoly billet, 8620 cover, multi disc, Pro+ is 100% 8620 billet