996 Carrera S 3.6L IPD Plenum

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Intake plenum

It's difficult to find power for the naturally aspirated 3.6L Carrera S, but the IPD Plenum does it better than any other after market mod available. This simple bolt on performance upgrade replaces the factory plastic air distributor with the IPD patented aluminum "Y" style Plenum.

The IPD Plenum delivers impressive horsepower gains of 24 and torque gains of 22 by means of a superior and more efficient design. These gains are mainly felt in the mid range where it is most needed and most enjoyed but performance improvements are realized throughout the entire rev range. Performance improvements like this can be felt in the "seat of your pants" and will truly transform your Porsche driving experience.

These added power gains create a more liner power curve helping to minimizing the dip in power typically experienced in the factory curve resulting in considerable performance improvements.

The 996 Plenum installation is a direct bolt on R & R (remove and reinstall) procedure. Installation is relatively straight forward for mechanically inclined DIY customers although IPD strongly recommends all Plenum installations be performed by a trained and qualified Porsche technician.