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  • 991.2 GT3 RS (OPF)
  • 991.2 Speedster


Many owners with the latest generation GT3 RS and 911 Speedster have noticed a much more tame exhaust note in factory trim but do not want to replace the factory exhaust system. The direct replacement JCR Titanium Tips suitable for all OPF 991 GT models allows owners to make a dramatic improvement to the sound of the car with a simple and quick to install kit of parts which fully replaces the factory exhaust tips and their in built sound suppressors with a lightweight Titanium Tip that not only improves sound but also adds a level of subtle aggression to the rear of the car

The Design

We have designed the OPF Titanium Tips to be a full direct replacement part which can be changed in a matter of minutes and retain all factory fittings

More Aggressive Sound

The factory GT3 RS and Speedster are both installed with OPF and electronic valves. The OPF acts as a sound suppressor in its own right however the OEM exhaust tips also have a part to play in the tame exhaust note from factory. The OEM exhaust tips feature an in built sound suppressor which reduces down the internal diameter and flow significantly from the OEM exhaust tip outlet, restricting the sound and to some degree overall exhaust gas flow. Our full replacement factory tips remove these restrictions entirely ensuring that the silencer outlet can flow to its full potential.

Key Features

  • 100% Titanium Construction
  • Straight 102MM Tip Design
  • Deletes OEM Tip Sound Suppressor Restriction
  • 100% Reversible


  • 991.2 GT3 RS (OPF)
  • 991.2 Speedster

Lead Times

  • JCR products are produced in batches so in the event that parts aren't in stock please allow approximately 30-60 business days after the point of ordering before your parts ship. For lead time estimates prior to ordering please contact us via the contact page