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Stage 1 Tuning package
This package incorporates but not limited to - full inspection of the car - Pre performance run of the car to ensure no outstanding issues - any correction work is chargeable e.g. fixing boost leak etc. - Installation of performance map using Cobb Accessport - Post installation performance run of the car to ensure successful load and confirmation of performance Performance depends on fuel option used but gains are based on the 93 Stage 1 figures shown in the dyno chart which equates to using super unleaded fuel. Max hp increases from 250hp to 300hp with max torque rising from 370nm to 450nm. Please note dyno chart is at the wheels not crank. Gains are peak gains and can be affected by other variables such as ambient temperature etc. If you have different hardware ( e.g. exhaust, intake etc ) on the car, we can provide a pro tune to maximise gains - please contact us for pricing and more information. Cobb Accessport The Accessport V3 is one of the most flexible ECU upgrade solutions for Porsche. It puts you in control and allows you when necessary to return the car to stock, and load the performance map yourself.