Porsche 992 Carrera Stage 3 Tuning package

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Stage 3 Tuning package 640ps

Price dependent on exhaust selection

The new 992 uses the same B6 3 Litre based Turbo engine in the 991 Generation 2 Carreras but with a revised intake and piezo injection. Power on the Carrera S and 4S is slightly up from 420ps to 450ps. Following on from our successful 991.2 tuning packages we now offer power upgrade.

Nine Excellence being the leading developers of Porsche Tuning packages (9E Package) have developed tuning and other upgrade options.

The stock Carrera S/4S outputs 450ps which we have measured at 405whp.

- stage one which is 580ps
- stage two which is 600ps
- stage three which is 640ps

Performance is significantly increase whilst retaining the driveability that you would expect from the stock car.

The stage three package incorporates but not limited to
- full inspection of the car
- boost leak check
- tuning
- Fitment of exhaust option
- Supply and fitment of larger plenum, full intercooler upgrade, upgraded induction system
- testing (using performance box) to confirm that the car is performing within parameters.


Importantly our maps are programmed in line with Porsche standards. We highly recommend fitting some of the options that are available. Please call us for more information on those. 

For more information please contact us.

Porsche 992 Tuning

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