Damper Upgrades

PASM based cars

Most Porsche since 2007 either come with Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) either standard or as an option. 

If you have a PASM car, then the first recommended method to improve the compliance of the stock dampers is to fit the DSC module upgrade 

We can also fit stock Bilstein Dampers if your suspension is worn out or upgraded Bilstein Dampers.

Non PASM based cars

For those looking for a non passive suspension solution then fitting a set of aftermarket dampers from KW or Ohlins will give the most flexiblity and control. These can be used for both road and track usage.  

Installation and Geometry set up

We have extensive experience of installing all these dampers and can set up the Geometry tailoured to your driving requirements



  • Bilstein Dampers

    Bilstein Dampers
  • Ohlins Dampers

    Ohlins Dampers
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