DSC Upgrade for PASM

DSC Upgrade for PASM

Our number one selling suspension upgrade for PASM cars. 

Cars fitted with Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) can be upgraded by fitting a DSC Module. The DSC Module is Plug and Play and can be swopped back in minutes to the standard PASM Module if required. 

The stock PASM module introduced in Porsche cars from 997 / 987 models has some basic limitations that the DSC Module overcomes. 

Its main limitation is that stock PASM can only control all four dampers at the same time where as the DSC Module can control each damper independently based on inputs from the car. The benefits of this are numerous. 

DSC has two main functions 

1. A performance map - this is activated when certain inputs are exceeded and primarily based on g-force. When the car is driven harder, and g-force is increased above a preset threshold, the performance map is activated. 

- one example would be when you brake firmly in a straight line. Under the stock PASM the dampers are all controlled at the same level, but with the DSC Module the front dampers are stiffened more than the rears, so that the nose of the car does not dive under braking. This gives the car more stability. 

- Another example is when you are approaching a right hand bend. The stock PASM module can only set all dampening to be the same, but the DSC Module can set the front near side to be 100% firm, the front offside to be 20% firm and the rears to 100% firm. This enables the car to provide better cornering. 

2. Comfort map

- this is the default setting when you get into the car. The performance map detailed above is activated when pushing the car harder, whether on road or track. When the car is being driven more sedately such are around town or cruising on the motorway, the Comfort map is activated. 

- the Comfort map makes the car much more compliant and enables the driver to drive the car in either Normal or Sport mode without the car being too crashy over bumps and imperfections in the road. 

- many drivers complain that they cannot drive their Porsche in Sport mode on most roads that have imperfections because it is too hard. DSC Module resolves this issue. 


Installation can be done here at 9E or can be done by yourself. We provide full support and instructions. 


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