Porsche 991 Ohlins Road and Track Suspension

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Here at Nine Excellence we supply and fit Ohlins dampers to lots of Porsche when doing a refresh of Porsche suspension. 

Öhlins Club Sports Kit features the famous TTX (Twin-Tube) technology. In this particular version, its custom made for the Porsche 911 GT3/RS. The unique combination of a 46 mm, two way adjusted, through-rod and lightweight McPherson strut for the front and a 36 mm rear mounted TTX shock will completely transform your car.

The TTX 46 and TTX 36 shock absorbers are developed from Öhlins participation in GT and Touring car racing. That gives Öhlins Club Sports Kit a massive advantage. We are solely focused on providing the car with the best possible condition to set fast lap times without losing control. A fast vehicle also needs to give the driver a sense of Safety, Comfort and Performance. With Öhlins TTX Technology the Club Sports Kit deliver in all these areas.

On the race track, you will cut seconds off your lap time compared to a standard setup. You are also just a few clicks away from a comfortable setting when driving to and from the race track, or work. With the 2-way adjustable TTX 46 and TTX 36 shock absorbers, you have the possibility to fine tune the cars handling to each race track. Just don't forget to keep your notebook close and write up your different adjustments you have made to save time and improve your track day skills even further.

Öhlins professional test drivers have tested all settings to find the optimum performance so you can focus on the driving.