Porsche Standard Geometry

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Geometry to standard Porsche specifications

Wheel alignment is an important, and often overlooked aspect of maintenance. A poorly set-up car is at best, ruining your driving enjoyment and at worst, unsafe. Pot holes and kerbs can easily change the alignment of your wheels, causing a poor handling car, and excessive wear on your tyres. For these reasons, we recommend checking the wheel alignment on your car on an annual basis.

Here at 9E we use a state of the art wheel alignment machine that checks Camber, castor and Toe.

We will first carry out a free of charge visual checkover of your suspension components and tyres, and offer any advice, before carrying out your wheel alignment.

We can carry out a standard alignment check, ride heights and corner weighting.

We also offer bespoke solutions for fast road and track use.

Please call for more details..