Porsche Free Winter check

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Make sure your Porsche is ready for the winter

Winter Check includes:

Vehicle Analysis Diagnostic check
Visual check of tyres and oils: to ensure levels are at their optimum for winter conditions
Check wipers and lights: checking for wiper damage and the condition of the lights
Visual check of brakes: analysing brake pad wear and the general condition of the brakes
Visual check of electrics and exhaust: to ensure all electrics are working correctly and the condition of the exhaust
Washer fluid top up: the draining and refill of washer fluids
Voltage amp test of the battery and alternator: full battery drop test including alternator output and holding charge

This can be done while you wait and will take approx 1 hour. You will get an opportunity to discuss any other issues with a Porsche trained technician and see the car on the ramp. 

Call to book on 01293 226911 and quote code WINTERCHECK

Valid for 21st December through to 21st March only