Sharkwerks GT3 Track Exhaust (loud)

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This is the loudest exhaust system available for the 2007-2012 GT3 or GT3RS. This system weighs in at just 8.5 pounds, removing approximately 60-pounds from the rear when compared to a factory 997 GT3 or GT3RS exhaust system.

This system replaces the OEM side mufflers and center muffler. It is compatible with the OEM factory emissions equipment (cats/headers), and factory exhaust tips. It also works with our larger Lightweight Exhaust tips

The sound is race car LOUD and ultra aggressive. Of course the GT3 engine already sounds magical so this exhaust will showcase its high points

- Three-piece, mandrel-bent Stainless Steel construction
- Manufactured in California
- Uses factory diameter tubing to reduce resonance (a little)
- Removes heat from side mufflers away from rear tires
- Will not cause check engine lights (when using factory catalytic converters/headers) or effect emissions
- Removes 60 pounds from rear of 997 GT3 or GT3RS, removes 44 pounds compared to Shark Werks Bypass Exhaust
- Removes 54 pounds off of a 991 GT3 & 44 pounds of a 991 GT3RS
- 100% Reversible, no welds or cutting required for installation
- Works with factory ECU tuning (no remapping required, but highly recommended)