Porsche 356 Major Service

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Every other year, 2, 4, 6

Porsche 356 Major Service. 

The terms ‘check’ and ‘inspection’ include all necessary subsequent work such as adjusting, readjusting, correcting and topping off, but do not include repairing, replacing and reconditioning parts or assemblies.

Oil and filter change
Remove and clean sump strainer
Adjust valve clearances
Check points gap and set dwell
Clean or change spark plugs
Check ignition timing
Balance and adjust carburettors
Replace fuel filter
Change flexible fuel hoses (if more than 1 years old)
Inspect air cleaners and replace or clean as required
Check fan belt adjustment and condition
Top up gearbox oil
Check for oil leaks around engine and gearbox
Examine engine mount condition
Grease and inspect King and Link pins
Grease front suspension beam and track rod ends
Remove drums, clean and inspect brakes for condition and leaks
Adjust front wheel bearings
Check for steering box movement
Top up steering box oil
Inspect track rod end dust seals
Check condition of tyres and set pressures
Examine fuel condition
Check battery level and condition
Grease and adjust hand-brake mechanism
Checks on lights, horn, wipers, and washers
Top up washer bottle fluid
Check condition of brake fluid and change (if required additional cost)
Check operation of accelerator linkage and apply oil
Inspect pedal rubbers
Check operation of gauges
Inspect all rubber boots
Adjust clutch (if required)
Clean washer suction filter
Check all nuts and bolts for tightness

Road Test Check
Engine, clutch, steering, transmission, heater, and instruments: Check operation
Oils, fluids: Visual inspection for leaks